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Fate Dice

Wondrous item, uncommon (attunement optional)

Fate dice are carved from the finger bones of famous scoundrels known for repeatedly cheating fate and pulling luck from nowhere. Those who live life by way of wit and charm can gain the full benefit from these marvelous tools of chance.

Appearance: A complete set consists of four six-sided dice carved from knuckle bones. They seem unremarkable at first but when held in the palm feel slightly warm. In the hands of a rogue or bard the dice hop and jump of their own accord.

Common Effects: Fate dice automatically transform to match whatever other dice are being used in a game of chance the user participates in and unless divination magic is used they appear completely identical to other dice in the game and in no way special. The user has advantage on any ability checks made to trick or fool others during games of chance, or to detect such trickery (such as when making Insight checks). This ability does not require attunement.

Attunement: A bard or rogue can fully attune to the dice by using them without being caught in at least 10 consecutive games of chance against unsuspecting opponents. The games can take place over any length of time, from hours to days to months or even years. Once this minimum number has been met the dice reveal their greater power.

Attuned Effects: An attuned wielder can roll fate dice once after completing a long rest. The player rolls 4 six-sided dice and consults the table below. Any effects last until the end of the rollers next long rest or until expended, whichever comes first.

Result Effect
6 (or less) Disadvantage on all ability checks
7-8 No effect
9-17 Advantage on three ability checks
18-19 Advantage on five ability checks
20 (or greater) Advantage on all ability checks

Additionally, at the beginning of any combat the attuned wielder may roll 4d6 and add the highest single result to his initiative roll.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

5-for-5 Book 1 – 5 Magic Items for 5e. Copyright 2016 d20pfsrd.com Publishing; Authors: Carbuncle, John Reyst.

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