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Lion Plate

Armor (breastplate), rare (requires attunement)

An embattled king commissioned the creation of special magical breastplates for an order of his knights known as “The Golden Lions”.

Appearance: Lion plate breastplates are steel breastplates with a band of gold across the front, with a golden lion head embossed in the center of the wearers chest.

Lore: The Golden Lions served for generations after they were originally sanctioned but disbanded after the fall of the kingdom they served. Only twelve total pieces were ever crafted and since the fall of the kingdom only a few have been rediscovered.

Attunement: An oath to defend the original king and his royal family, as well as to serve the needs of law and order must be sworn while the armor is worn to attune it. The exact wording of the oath cannot be divined through the identify spell but identify will reveal that the oath exists and is required. Only research into the history of the item can determine what it is. The text of the oath is, “I swear to serve Crown and Country with every breath I take, never deaf to a cry for help or blind to an ugliness I can redress. Honor, Loyalty, Bravery – these lights will guide me. Steady and true – this I swear, now and forever I am a Golden Lion.”

Effects: Lion plate are +1 breastplates which grant the attuned wearer advantage on Wisdom saving throws.

In addition, the wearer may cause a successful melee or ranged attack against them to deal minimum damage. The choice to do so must be made before damage is rolled. This ability can be used three times between long rests.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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