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Master’s Swords

Weapon (sword), very rare (requires attunement: fighter 5th level+)

These amazing blades were created centuries ago by an elven bladesmith and enchanter of exceptional skill and renown. He made six of them before disappearing without a trace.

Each of the swords was gifted to a master swordsman believed to be a worthy defender of the elven lands and ideals. These masters wielded the blades until each found a student to pass their gift and duty to.

Appearance: Two of these weapons are shortswords, three are longswords, one is a rapier and the last is a greatsword. All the swords have narrow blades and ornate guards. The metal is a form of silvered steel which has a faint bluish tint. Casting detect magic causes blue runes to immediately appear on the surface of the blade. In elven they say “From one to the next, the circle unbroken”.

Attunement: A fighter of at least 5th level may attune to a master’s sword if it is given to him by a fighter of at least 10th level that is currently attuned to the sword. The attunement process requires both master and student spend eight hours in martial practice while the student wields the master’s sword, then the student must spend an additional eight hours in meditation. A fighter of at least 9th level may attune to the weapon without need of a master presenting it.

Effects: All master’s swords have the same abilities as normal weapons of their form (they deal damage as the type of weapon they are etc.)

An attuned wielder gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with a master’s sword.

In addition, while fighting in solo melee combat against an opponent, an attuned wielder has resistance to damage from that foe. If the opponent is targeted by a harmful spell, is included in the area-of-effect of a harmful spell, or is attacked by an opponent other than the attuned wielder of the master’s sword, the opponent has advantage on attacks against the wielder of the master’s sword the following round.

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