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Lantern of Revealing

Wondrous item, rare

This silver-hooded lantern has lightly glowing whorls etched into the metal.

This lantern burns with a clear silver light when active and never needs fuel. It lights and extinguishes with a command word.

While the lantern is lit, the following effects apply:

  • The movement of any creature within 60 ft., including the lantern-bearer, is halved.
  • The lantern’s flame glows blue if there are invisible creatures within 60 ft.
  • Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks within 60 ft. have disadvantage.
  • The lantern-bearer has advantage on both passive and active rolls to detect traps.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Gods and Icons, Copyright 2016, Dread Unicorn Games; Authors: John WS Marvin, Vanessa Rose Phin, Connor W. Marvin.

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