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Demonic Idol

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This item attracts the attention of fiends, undead, and evil fey. This idol can be used in a special sacrificial ritual that takes 1 hour and requires the death of an innocent. At the end of the ritual, if the ritual is performed correctly, and summons a horned devil that is loyal to you. If the ritual is improperly performed or interrupted during the hour, 1d12 lemures are summoned that attack everyone in sight for 1d12 minutes.

Curse. The item gives you glimpses of the hellscape that torture your waking moments.

With each long rest, there is a 1-50% chance that you gain no benefit from the long rest and instead gain a level of exhaustion. If you roll 51-100%, then you can rest normally and even remove an exhaustion level as normal.

If you die while you own this idol, your soul is claimed by the Nine Hells. You cannot rid yourself of the curse until a remove curse is cast upon you, at which time you must unattune from the idol.

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