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The Wishing Doll

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This doll looks devilishly detailed and beautifully crafted. Close inspection shows that the doll moves ever so slightly, usually shifting its gaze in an unsettling way. This item automatically attunes to anyone that possesses it for more than a day. Once attuned, your casual wishes are granted, usually in the worst possible way. If the item is discovered to have magical properties, it can be used to make conscious wishes, and similarly makes them result in catastrophe.

When making a conscious wish, you can make a DC 20 Intelligence check. On a failure, the wish goes completely awry, resulting in mayhem that outweighs any benefit of the wish.

On a success, you can make a good wish that undoes any harm done by any previous harm done by the doll (often for wishing the doll never existed), or gain a random magical boon (your GM can pick a boon from the effects of a deck of many things from the following list: the fates, knight, throne, vizier). Whenever a good wish is made, the doll vanishes forever regardless of the wish.

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