Demon Key

Wondrous item, artifact

This key, crafted from the essence of 666 bound demons, was created by the Grand Vizier himself and is among one of his most valuable possessions. The Demon Key is large, easily the size of a magical rod, its handle in the shape of a balor’s face with two murky red rubies taking the place of eyes. Good-aligned creatures touching the key gain four levels of exhaustion and must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or be stunned for 2d6 rounds. Further, a lawful good creature that fails its Constitution saving throw by 5 or more is slain instantly, its soul consumed by the demonic key. Such a creature can be restored to life only by true resurrection or wish.

Neutral-aligned creatures on the good-evil axis touching the key gain two levels of exhaustion if they fail at the DC 20 Constitution saving throw.

The demon key may unlock any lock or open any gate to which it is set against. Magical barriers (such as those affected by hold portal and arcane lock) may also be unlocked so long as the magical lock is of a 9th level spell slot.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

City of Brass ©2018 Frog God Games; Authors: Casey Christofferson and Scott Greene

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