Dragons’ Tears

Wondrous item, very rare

Each of these glittering diamonds is tear-shaped and may be substituted for any material component of 750 gp or less when casting a spell.

Multiple dragons’ tears may be used for spells requiring more expensive spell components. If you swallow a dragon’s tear you gain the benefits of having consumed a potion of greater healing. However, you must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be overcome with sadness as your mind floods with images of the gold dragons witnessing the destruction of their eggs and being forced to draw the chariot of the Titans. If you fail the saving throw, you have a –2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws for the next 1d6 minutes.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

City of Brass ©2018 Frog God Games; Authors: Casey Christofferson and Scott Greene

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