Eyes of the Sultana

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement per below)

The eyes of the Sultana gleam with sadness and tragedy yet possess a wondrous beauty. The glittering eyes of the Sultana glow forever with an eldritch light.

To use these magnificent magical items, you must first pluck out you own eyes, effectively causing permanent blindness and 1 point of Constitution damage per eye removed. Once the eyes are plucked free, the eyes of the Sultana may be placed within the empty sockets.

Upon placing the eyes in the sockets, you regain eyesight and gain command of great and powerful magic. Many effects are continuous, while many can be used only once per day or week. Both eyes must be used or you gain none of the benefits. The effects and side effects of wearing the eyes of the Sultana are as follows:

  • You see as if you are under the continuous effect of a true seeing spell. Once per month, you must succeed on a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or go insane from constantly seeing things as they truly are.
  • Each time one of the eye’s powers is used, there is a 50% chance your alignment changes to chaotic good or lawful neutral (50% chance of either).
  • Once per day, you may unleash a prismatic spray (save DC 18).
  • Three times per day, you can use a gaze attack that turns anyone meeting your gaze to stone (as by a flesh to stone spell). A DC 18 Constitution saving throw negates the effect.
  • Once per day, you may cast the eyebite spell (save DC 18).
  • Once per week, you may use scrying (as the spell) with a duration of one hour, using the eyes as your focus (save DC 18).
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