Harp of the Muse

Wondrous item, artifact

This beautiful golden grand harp weighs roughly 120 pounds and is 6 feet tall, with the likeness of an elven maiden making up the soundboard.

The string arm is curved behind the maiden in the form of diaphanous wings that curl around to the floor. The elf maid, who calls herself Muse, opens her eyes and haunting notes begin to chime from her strings. The harp has several magical properties that may be drawn out by a skilled player. Muse is, however, generally considered to be much too large to take along in an adventuring campaign, unless of course the individual playing her happens to be more than 18 feet tall. When you use this harp, you have a +4 bonus on all Performance checks while playing the harp and for 1 hour afterward. This bonus increases to +8 if you are a bard. Those within 30 feet who hear the music gain advantage on skill checks involving writing and composing music, literature, or dance for 1 hour. This ability can be used twice per day.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

City of Brass ©2018 Frog God Games; Authors: Casey Christofferson and Scott Greene

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