Spell Potion

Potion, varies

A spell potion mimics the effects of a spell. Only spells that can be cast on the caster and that have a duration of at least 1 minute may be made into spell potions. The rarity of the potion is based on the level of the spell being mimicked. When you drink the potion, it is as if you had cast the referenced spell upon yourself except that you do not need to concentrate to maintain the effects.

Spell Level Rarity
Cantrip Common
1st Common
2nd Common
3rd Uncommon
4th Uncommon
5th Rare
6th Rare
7th Very Rare
8th Very Rare
9th Very Rare

Spell Wand

Wand, varies (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

A spell wand allows you to cast a single spell without material components. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 charge to cast the spell associated with the wand. You must be able to speak the command and point the wand at the target. If the spell has a range of touch, then you must touch the target with the wand, although you still use the wand’s spell attack bonus to attempt the touch. In general, the wand casts the spell with the lowest possible spell slot. The rarity, save DC, spell attack modifier, number of charges, and charge refresh per 24 hours are shown above, depending on the level of spell stored in the wand.

Spell Level Rarity Save DC Attack Bonus Charges Charge Refresh
Cantrip Common 13 +5 10 1d6+4
1st Uncommon 13 +5 10 1d6+4
2nd Uncommon 13 +5 7 1d6+1
3rd Rare 15 +7 7 1d6+1
4th Rare 15 +7 7 1d6+1
5th Very Rare 17 +9 4 1d3+1
6th Very Rare 17 +9 4 1d3+1
7th Very Rare 18 +10 3 1d3
8th Legendary 18 +10 3 1d3
9th Legendary 19 +11 3 1d3
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