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Weapon (any thrown), rare

A chaining weapon allows you to conjure a metal chain that trails behind a weapon that you hurl.

The chain has a maximum length of 30 feet, and the end of the chain is in the hand that was used to throw the weapon. If the weapon misses, you can retrieve the weapon as a move or bonus action; the chain disappears after the weapon is retrieved.

If the weapon hits, the target takes the weapons normal damage and is entangled as if struck by a net (see the 5th edition player character manual for details, except the chain has a damage threshold of 10). An entangled target cannot move farther than 30 feet from you unless it succeeds at an opposed Strength check; if it succeeds, you can release the trapped creature as a reaction or can hold onto the chain and allow yourself to be pulled behind the creature.

Escaping a chaining weapon follows the rules for escaping a net. The Strength check DC to escape the chaining weapon is increased by an amount equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus. If the chain is destroyed or burst, the chaining weapon falls to the ground and this property is suppressed until the next dawn.

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