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Impossible Bottle

Wondrous item (requires attunement by a sailing vessel, uncommon)

An intricately detailed miniature sailing ship sits inside this clear glass bottle. When taken aboard an undamaged sailing vessel at sea, the model automatically reconfigures to become a perfect replica of the new ship. It takes 24 hours for the model to attune to the ship.

A ship attuned to an impossible bottle has resistance to all damage. The model ship in the impossible bottle absorbs the remaining damage, registering holes in its hull, rips in its sails, and scorch marks from fire. Once the attuned ship has taken damage in excess of half its total hit points, however, the impossible bottle ceases its protection, and any further attacks on the attuned ship deal full damage. If the attuned ship starts sinking or is destroyed, the impossible bottle shatters and is permanently destroyed. If an impossible bottle was attuned to a damaged ship, once that ship has been fully repaired, the impossible bottle re-attunes itself over 24 hours and thereafter resumes its protection.

An impossible bottle removed from its attuned ship ceases its protection, and must be re-attuned over 24 hours if brought back on board. If the bottle is shattered while it is attuned to a ship, the impossible bottle is destroyed and the attuned ship immediately takes 150 points of damage.

Lastly, an impossible bottle can be used to repair an unattuned ship. As long as the bottle still functions, its owner can christen a vessel by smashing the impossible bottle against the ship’s prow, releasing a wave of restorative magic that immediately repairs up to 150 points of damage to the vessel.

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