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Ki Capstan

Wondrous item (requires attunement to a sailing ship, rare)

This octagonal capstan must be mounted on and attuned to a ship to function. Once installed, it allows the sailors aboard to channel their inner strength to power the vessel. Up to 8 creatures can push the capstan at once, and for each hour they turn it they can imbue 1 point from their personal ki points into the ki capstan. If the ki capstan holds at least 10 ki points, any creature with ki points can touch it and command the ship to move at up to onehalf its normal oared or sailed speed, whichever is less. If the capstan contains at least 20 ki points, it can cause the ship to move at full speed. Each hour of ki movement drains 1 point from the ki capstan if moving at half speed or 2 points if moving at full speed.

In addition to causing the ship to move, any creature touching a ki capstan can expend its own ki to help the ship evade harm, granting the ship a +2 bonus to AC or a +2 bonus to a saving throw as a reaction. A creature can also use the ki capstan to help the ship maneuver by expending one point of ki to grant a +4 bonus on any sailing check to the character steering the ship. A ki capstan can store up to 80 points of ki at a time. If the ki capstan is removed from the ship, all stored ki is lost.

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