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Pirate Brand

Uncommon rod

This implement of cruel justice is a simple iron rod tipped with a brand. Upon command, the tip of a pirate brand grows red-hot, shedding light as a candle. A pirate brand can deal 1d4 points of fire damage as a melee attack, but it may also be wielded as a club, dealing 1 point of fire damage in addition to its normal damage on each hit (treat as a mace). Once per day, you can brand a target with a magical mark, stating an action or behavior that will activate the mark. You designate some sort of undesirable behavior that activates the mark, but you can pick any act you please. While typically used to forswear the target from committing the type of criminal activity for which it was found guilty (piracy most famously, giving the brands their common name), the proscribed activity can be anything you dictate. In cultures with less of a focus on piracy, pirate brands are also called legate brands and typically feature a royal or imperial symbol, embellished to indicate the type of crime each brand is used to punish.

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