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Sea Lord’s Tricorne

Wondrous item (requires attunement), very rare

This feathered three-cornered hat is typically worn by accomplished sea lords, both naval and piratical.

You gain advantage on skill checks related to sailing including checks made to predict the weather, avoid natural hazards, determine direction, and avoid getting lost when on board a ship, and your vision is not impeded by natural or magical fog, mist, smoke, and weather effects. If you are steering a ship, you can attempt a DC 20 skill check to treat storms, sea conditions, and any harmful wind effects as one category less severe (GM’s discretion as to what skill is applicable in the particular situation). If you are not in the midst of dangerous weather conditions, you can instead double your ship’s speed for 1 hour with a successful DC 20 skill check.

When you are aboard a ship you command, you gain immunity to fear and any mind-affecting effect that would compel you to leave your ship. You also allow any affected ally on your ship a saving throw against the mind-affecting effect every round if they can see or hear you. If you have a class ability that allows you to inspire allies (like a bard’s Bardic Inspiration) this ability functions at the next level of power when aboard your ship (for example, a level 1 bard’s Bardic Inspiration functions as if you are level 5).

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