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Sharkskin Suit

Armor (light), rare

This deep blue armor is covered with tiny razorsharp scales and embedded with petrified shark’s teeth. The scales and teeth lie smooth and flat most of the time, but any creature attempting a grapple you takes 1 point of necrotic damage, and a creature beginning its turn grappled with you takes 1 point of necrotic damage (2 (1d4) points of necrotic damage if the wearer is swallowed whole).

Whenever you deal damage with a grapple check, you also deal 1 point of necrotic damage. This damage is both ongoing and cumulative and can be halted by any healing spell or a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check. While wearing a sharkskin suit, you gain a swim speed equivalent to your normal speed and can sense the presence and location of creatures who have bled in the same body of water and track them to their location with a Wisdom (Survival) check. So long as the target creature is bleeding and in the water you have advantage on this skill check.

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