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Sharpshooter’s Carabine

Weapon (musket), very rare

This enchanted pistol is a long-handled pistol (treat as a +1 musket, 5th Edition Game Master’s Manual pg. 268) that can be held against the shoulder if desired and is constructed with fold-up sights and enchantments that grant it deadly accuracy. It is especially effective when you do not have a clear shot at the target, granting you an additional +1d4 on your attack rolls against targets with cover or concealment. In addition, you can use a move action to steady and brace the sharpshooter’s carabine, allowing you to double the range of the weapon for your next attack and scoring a critical hit on a 19 or 20, as long as it is completed by the end of your current turn.

If you use tracer bullets in a sharpshooter’s carabine, the duration of the tracer effect is increased to 1 minute.

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