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Wheel of The Golden Voyage

Wondrous item, rare

This beautifully carved ship’s wheel is polished to a golden shine and inlaid with symbols of luck and prosperity. When fitted to the helm of a ship, a wheel of the golden voyage grants advantage on sailing checks made to turn the ship with the hard to port or hard to starboard actions.

The wheel also halves the penalty on sailing checks made when turning the ship while traveling at three or more times the ship’s acceleration. In addition, the ship’s pilot can combine a hard to port or hard to starboard action with a full ahead or heave to action as a single action up to three times per day.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pirate Campaign Compendium © 2018, Legendary Games; Lead Designer Jason Nelson. Authors: Alex Augunas, Jeff Gomez, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Victoria Jaczko, Jonathan H. Keith, Lyz Liddell, Thomas J. Phillips, Alistair J. Rigg, Alex Riggs, Loren Sieg, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Rachel Ventura, Michael D. Welham, Linda Zayas-Palmer.