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Book of Eibon

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This fragmentary black book is reputed to descend from the forgotten realms of Hyperborea. It contains puzzling guidelines for frightful necromantic rituals and maddening interdimensional travel.

The book holds the following spells: semblance of dread, ectoplasm, animate dead, speak with dead, emanation of Yoth, green decay, yellow sign, eldritch communion, create undead, arcane gate, harm, astral projection, void rift, and any additional spells of the GM’s choosing.

If attuned to it, the book’s owner can use it as a spellbook and as an arcane focus. In addition, while holding the book, an attuned owner can use a bonus action to cast a necromancy spell that is written in this tome without expending a spell slot or using any verbal or somatic components. Once used, this property of the book can’t be used again until the next dawn.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Deep Magic for 5th Edition © 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors: Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, and Jeff Lee.

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