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Pact Drake Contract Paper

Wondrous item, rare

This smooth paper is like vellum but is prepared from dozens of scales cast off by a pact drake. A contract can be inked on this paper, and the paper limns all falsehoods on it with faerie fire. A command word clears the paper, allowing for several drafts. Another command word locks the contract in place and leaves space for signatures. Creatures signing the contract are afterward bound by the contract with all other signatories alerted when a creature breaks the contract. The creature breaking the contract must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or become blinded, deafened, and stunned for 1d6 minutes. A creature can attempt a new saving throw at the end of each of minute, ending the conditions with a success.

After the conditions end, the creature has disadvantage on saving throws until it finishes a long rest.

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