Weapon (any slashing), very rare

This sword is adorned with fake gems across its handle, but its blade is razor sharp. The Gemsword is always found with the following encrusted gems: 1d4+2 red gems (max 6), 1d6+2 blue gems (max 8), 1d6+2 green gems (max 8), and 3d8 white gems (no max). Each gem represents one charge. As a bonus action, you can expend one charge/gem to imbue yourself with a magical ability; doing this causes the gem to shatter.

  • Red Gem: The Gemsword ignites in fire, illuminating up to 30 feet, revealing any invisible creature. It deals an additional 1d4 points of fire damage with each hit. This lasts for 1 hour.
  • Blue Gem: The Gemsword glows blue, granting Advantage to all attack rolls vs undead creatures. This lasts for 1 hour.
  • Green Gem: The Gemsword turns dark green. On your next attack with the Gemsword, it scores a critical hit on a naturally rolled 18-20.
  • White Gem: The Gemsword flashes white; for your next attack with the Gemsword, reroll the attack roll if it resulted in a natural 1 or 2; you may keep rerolling each time the result is 1 or 2.

More than one gem can be active at a time. Once per day, at dawn, one gem is regenerated (total gems, for that color, cannot exceed the max). Use the chart below to determine which gem is generated. If a particular gem color is at max, do not reroll – a white gem is automatically regenerated.

Gem Regeneration Chart
1d20 Result
1-10 White Gem
11-13 Green Gem
14-16 Blue Gem
17-19 Red Gem
20 One Gem of each color
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Enchanted Armory: Arms And Armors © 2016 The Le, written by The’ Le Games

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