Icy Death

Weapon (bow), rare (+1), very rare (+2)

This +1 bow is sturdy is always light blue in color. As a bonus action you may reduce its bonus by 1 in order to command it to grow a sheet of ice and become enchanted; every arrow that is nocked and fired from this bow (while enchanted) deals an additional 1d6 points of cold damage. A critical hit with one of these arrows causes a frost-like explosion dealing an additional 1d6 cold damage to the target (for a total of 2d6) and 1d4 cold damage to any creatures within 10 feet of it. This enchantment lasts for 1 hour, and you may do this once per long rest.

GM’s option: The player may use this ability once per short rest, and it lasts for just 3 rounds.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Enchanted Armory: Arms And Armors © 2016 The Le, written by The’ Le Games

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