Infinity Orbs

Wondrous item, artifact

History: The Infinity Orbs were created by an ancient group of magical beings that were enslaved within the Inyatee Kingdom. The slaves created the Orbs for their masters, who used them to equip their soldiers and reward their nobles.

The slaves revolted and used their combined powers to lay waste the kingdom, open a portal, then go home. Hundreds, possibly thousands of Infinity Orbs were lost in the uprising; the majority of their current owners are completely unaware of the powers contained within.

Description: These small artifacts are about the size of a large marble, and have an ancient word inscribed within it. These orbs can be infused by pressing the orb up against the item and speaking the inscribed ancient word [of command]. This causes the orb to permanently infuse with the item. The newly infused item will keep all of its original properties, with additional bonuses. Once infused, the Infinity Orb cannot be removed from the item. Only one Infinity Orb can ever be infused into a specific item, and Infinity Orbs can never be infused with artifacts.

Infusible items (GM’s Option): To limit the power of Infinity Orbs, you can restrict what kind of items can be infused. Option one is to only allow non-magical items to be infused. Option two is to only allow non-attuned items to be infused.

Attunement (GM’s Option): To further restrict the power of the Infinity Orbs, items that are infused now require attunement to properly function.

Infused Weapons (clarification): Unless otherwise noted, powers and abilities granted to infused weapons will work with any melee weapon. Infused Ranged weapons will have its powers and abilities work on fired ammunition (or if the ranged weapon is used in a melee attack).

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