Gourd of the Frog God

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

In the days when the Dwarves were yet young and the humans just began to branch out through the world, men worshiped the Og-Aust. They were primitive, having hardly mastered metallurgy of even the most basic kind. They were skilled in stone and wood working however and these cups were some of their most prized possessions. These gourds were carved from the large expansive above ground roots of cedar trees, smoothed and shaped and covered with enchanted resin to protect them from the elements (though they are not true “gourds” their shape resembles one).

These magic items are blessed and have a variety of powers as seen in the short list below. Any given gourd will have only one power, which can be used but once per day, and only one who has attuned to the gourd can use its powers by drinking fluid from it.

  1. Gourd of Healing: Heal 3d8 hit points once per day
  2. Gourd of Curing: Cure diseases once per day
  3. Gourd of Vision: Cure Blindness once per day
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Shades of Mist, Copyright 2018, Troll Lord Games, Author Stephen Chenault.

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