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Tome of Greater Familiar Power

This volume contains more powerful familiar lore than the tome of familiar power, and the corresponding enchantment upon its pages is mightier as well. The words and diagrams are laced with a potent mystical effect, and reading the tome allows one bonded to a familiar to strengthen the magical servant by granting the familiar a greater special ability (as per the Greater Empower Familiar Special Ability. As with a tome of familiar power, once the book has been used in this fashion, the magic disappears, leaving the tome as a normal volume of blank pages. The greater special ability granted to the familiar is permanent and is in addition to all special abilities ordinarily gained to the familiar as the master progresses in power. Note that a tome of greater familiar power grants the additional power to only one familiar and that any given familiar can benefit from such a tome only once.

Price 27,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Familiars & Companions, Copyright 2017, Troll Lord Games; Author Casey Christofferson, Justin Bacon, Tommy Ruteledge, Josh Hubbel, Lance Hawvermile, Luke Johnson, Stephen Vogel and Dave Zenz.