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Void Stone

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The Material Plane is but one of many, each a discrete reality with its own laws, planar cosmology, and more. Between these planes, however, lurks an endless darkness, a Void littered with the debris of countless universes that have been shattered by the dread entities lurking in the eternal umbra. The greatest of these entities has many names, but the one by which it is known in this world is the Hungering Darkness, and this dread entity, this insane, murderous being wants nothing more than to undo all realities and reduce them to so much ruin.

It is from the Hungering Darkness that the dreaded Void stone originates, for this relic was once part of the Thing That Waits Without. A solidified chunk of darkness, it drinks in the light all around it, plunging the area within 30 feet of it into magical shadows not even sunlight can pierce. Anyone handling the stone can feel a faint throbbing coming from within, almost as if it were a beating heart.

The Void stone had never before been found, for the item’s time had not yet come. Now, though, its appearance in the world portends great evil; a stirring of dreadful forces clamoring to pierce the veil of reality and plunder this world and every other within this plane of every living thing it can. When you become attuned to the stone, you must succeed on a DC20 Charisma saving throw or become magically cursed. The curse can only be lifted by a wish spell. Until the curse ends, you have the following flaw, “I am compelled to find a way to destroy the Void stone so that I can bring forth my dread master.” If you are an evil spellcaster, you can use the stone as your spellcasting focus, and you gain a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls while you hold it.

Demon Summoning. The Void stone has one charge. If you are holding it, you can use an action to expend the charge, which causes a demon to appear in an unoccupied space of the GM’s choice within 30 feet of you. To determine the CR of what appears, roll 1d20 + your level and find the result on the following table or the GM can choose one.

Total Result
40 CR 19+ such as a balor
38–39 CR 16–18 such as a marilith
30–37 CR 13–15 such as a nalfeshnee
25–29 CR 9–12 such as a glabrezu
20–24 CR 7–8, such as a hezrou
15–19 CR 1–6, such as a vrock
14 or less CR 1/8 to 1/2, such as a dretch

When the demon appears, you must contest a Charisma check against the demon’s Charisma check. On a success, the demon becomes charmed by you for 24 hours or until it is destroyed. A charmed demon disappears when it is no longer charmed. On a failure, the demon is hostile to you and your companions, acting in a manner appropriate to its nature. You regain the expended charge by killing a good creature and bathing the stone in its blood. The creature’s challenge rating must be equal to or greater than the demon last summoned by the stone.

Destroying the Stone. The Void stone wants to be destroyed, and the methods of its destruction are known to anyone cursed by it. To destroy the magic item, you must burn the item in a fire for 6 hours, then submerge it in water for 6 hours, and finally, bury it in earth for 6 hours. Once retrieved from its burial, the stone disintegrates and a reality tears open inside a cube of space, 30 feet on a side, originating from a point of the GM’s choice that remains open for 3d6 rounds. The tear reveals the utter darkness of the Void. Any creature that can see the rip must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or suffer short-term madness. As well, each round on initiative count 20, all unsecured items within 60 feet of the opening are dragged 20 feet toward it. When an item enters the tear, it vanishes into the Void. Similarly, each creature within 60 feet of the tear must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or be pulled 1d6 x 5 feet toward the tear, disappearing into the Void when they enter its space.

Creatures and objects lost to the Void might reappear in another campaign setting or even within an entirely different roleplaying game. Or, they might be lost forever, as the GM decides.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Lost City of Gaxmoor, Copyright 2020, Troll Lord Games: Author Ernest G. Gygax, Luke Gygax.

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