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Wondrous Rune Tiles

Wondrous item, unique

This set of elaborate runic tiles is always found in an elegant velvet rune bag, and each has an image representing its function. Each person may draw 2-4 tiles, but must declare how many tiles are being drawn before drawing, and must draw out all of the tiles before any take effect. Roll the number of draws and record results. Read them off in order as the player pieces together his fortune from the tiles. A plus sign indicates a positive tile, a minus sign, a negative.

More than one person may draw from the Rune Bag if they do so immediately after one another. The tiles lose their magical properties after being used once, though they may still function as a gaming set or mundane set of soothsayer’s tools, at the GM’s discretion.

If discarded or sold, they will regain their power for their new owner, but the new owner must be a stranger to the previous owner.

Roll Result
1 – Disease Afflicted with a disease
2 + Wealth Gain 25 gems (10-100 gp each)
3 + Health Gain 1 point of Constitution permanently
4 + Luck Gain +10 modifier to a single check of your choice; lasts until used
5 + Benefactor Gain enough XP to raise character one level
6 – Ghost Lose 1-3 levels (Constitution save DC 15 to avoid)
7 – Thief Lose all gems, jewelry and coins carried by character
8 – Chaos change alignment to chaotic neutral. If the PC is already chaotic neutral he must turn to lawful good
9 – Illness Lose 1-3 points of Constitution for 1d6 weeks or until magically cured via heal or lesser restoration
10 + Divine Favor You immediately gain the benefits of the wish spell. This must be used immediately or lose the chance
11 + 2nd Chance The Character gets to reroll any one action of his choice, keeping the better result. This lasts until used.
12 – The Crone The character ages 10 years, gaining stat modifications the GM deems appropriate
13 + Youth Your character becomes 10 years younger. GM note: If the PC regresses to an adolescent or child, the stats should be modified to reflect the change
14 – The Scales Weigh your alignment versus your deeds. If the PCs actions are in line with their alignment gain 1000 XP. If their actions are opposed to their alignment lose 1000-4000 XPs. The GM’s word is final.
15 + Fame Bards are singing tales of your glory – gain 1 point of Charisma permanently
16 – Madness the drawer of this tile considers all others to be his enemies. He attacks all within 30’ of him until a remove curse or dispel magic is used to counter the effects
17 + Insight Gain the effects of a contact other plane spell
18 — Yin/Yang switches PC to opposite sex. Player decides if their gender identity remains or shifts.
19 – Infatuation The PC falls in love with the next person they sees and will do anything to protect or garner favor from that person.
20 + Power The PC gets an automatic natural 20 (critical hit) in combat against an opponent OR can choose to change an attack roll made against him to a 1. This can only be used once, lasts until used, and must be declared before damage is rolled.

There is a cursed version of these tiles as well, the Rune Tiles of Misfortune. These force the user to draw forth twice as many tiles as desired and any positive results are only effective if the user rolls two positive results in a row. The GM then decides which of the two works and which is inert. All negatives are effective.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Lost City of Gaxmoor, Copyright 2020, Troll Lord Games: Author Ernest G. Gygax, Luke Gygax.

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