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Ceremonial Longsword

Weapon (longsword), uncommon

Lore. Toward the end of the Divine War, titanspawn artificers were forced to crank out weapons at a prodigious rate. As a result, they rarely could spare the time to properly enchant weapons with permanent effects. But they could make weapons as receptacles for temporary power. This is one of them.

Powers. You can spend ten minutes paying honor to the titanspawn spirits that govern this weapon, shaving your head (and facial hair, if any) in tribute. Once the ceremony is finished, the sword becomes a magic weapon until you finish your next long rest. While the sword is magical, you have a +1 bonus to hit and damage rolls you make with it. You can’t use the ritual again until 10 days have passed and you have long enough hair to re-enact the ritual.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Magic Items of Ghelspad. Copyright 2019 Underground Oracle Publishing. Authors: R.P. Davis

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