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Hermit’s Tower

Wondrous item, rare

As a mundane item, Hermit’s tower is a common elven board game, similar to chess. It may be selected as a tool proficiency like any other gaming set, and the board and pieces can be purchased for 1 gp. It is a two-player game played on a 7×7 square grid. The object is to take control of the center square, called the Tower. One player is the Defender, and begins with control of the Tower. The other is the attacker, who begins with more pieces and must take the Tower from the defender to win. The game generally takes around an hour to play, though particularly skilled players could extend this to several hours.

However, there is also a magical version of a hermit’s tower, commonly known as Gambler’s Tower. This is a single player game played against the board itself, which moves its pieces on its own.

But Hermit’s Tower is no mere curio meant to decorate a wizard’s study – with a well-played game, one can harness the very power of Fortune itself.

You may play only a single game per day at dawn, and you cannot be under the effect of any spells while playing the game. If you win, Fortune will grant you a blessing; lose, and you will receive a penance. Each blessing and penance lasts until dawn of the following day. You may choose to be the attacker or the defender – this does not change the outcome.

Begin the game by sacrificing a spell slot of third level or lower to imbue the board with your magical power. The board adjusts its difficulty according to your Intelligence and the level of this slot. To play, make an opposed Intelligence check against the board (you may add your proficiency bonus to this check if you are proficient with the Hermit’s tower gaming set). The board’s bonus to this check is equal to the level of the spell slot you sacrificed + your Intelligence bonus (to a minimum of +2).

The blessings and penances for each level spell slot are listed below. No spell or ability can counteract the effects of a blessing or penance once it is activated.

Hermit’s Tower Results

1st Level Spell Slot.

Blessing: Cause an opponent to have disadvantage on their save against one spell you cast today.

Penance: The next natural 20 you roll today becomes an automatic failure instead.

2nd Level Spell Slot.

Blessing: One time today, when an opponent successfully saves against one of your spells, you may turn their roll into a failure instead.

Penance: Enemies cannot have disadvantage on attack rolls against you or on saves against your spells. If an enemy rolls a natural 1 to attack you, it becomes an automatic hit instead.

3rd Level Spell Slot.

Blessing: For 1 minute today your spell save DC increases by 2, and all opponents have disadvantage on their saves against your spells.

Penance: Enemies have advantage on all attack rolls made against you, and any natural 1s rolled to attack you are treated as natural 20s instead.

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