Wondrous item, very rare

“Leystone” is the general term for an item that allows one to enter the Dreaming. But befitting the chaotic nature of the Dreaming, leystones possess no consistent shape, size, or even method of operation. One leystone may take the shape of a jeweled comb which transports one to the Dreaming as long as it is left in the hair; another may appear as a mirror or painting which can be stepped through like a door; another the exit of a garden maze, or a stairway that appears after circling a certain tree three times. The one common feature they all seem to share is the mystery surrounding their origins. Each leystone was either passed down from ancient times or discovered in a forgotten ruin or in the wild, and no one knows who initially created them. Some say they are the invention of the Dreaming itself, reaching out into the Material Plane.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wardens of the Wild. Copyright, 2015 Total Party Kill Games. Author(s): PJ Harn and Brian Berg.

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