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Ring of the Mimic +2 (cursed)

Very rare ring (requires attunement; cursed)

This humble band of gold is unadorned by jewels or script, appearing much like a simple betrothal gift. It is always found this way when discovered amongst treasure or in the bag of a thief.

When worn this ring confers a +2 to all charisma based skill checks making them more attractive and interesting to anyone they encounter. It also takes on the illusory appearance of a jeweled encrusted ring. These two effects are irresistible to any rogues the wearer encounters, leading to stalking and plotting to acquire the ring (by violence if necessary) unless the scheming rogue succeeds at a Wisdom save of DC15.

Rogues are especially wary of such rings as they can have a devastating effect on the hierarchy of guilds and gangs as members continually stalk, threaten, steal or kill their fellows in an attempt to possess it.

Sorcerers claim that these rings were forged from cursed gold and quenched in mimics’ blood.

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