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Skullsplitter, Axe of Heroes

Weapon (hand axe), rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. In addition, when you roll a critical hit on an attack roll made with this weapon, the target must succeed on a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or suffer an addition 2d10 points of thunder damage. The wielder of Skullsplitter also gains the ability to sense the presence of Ulfar the Betrayer. The closer the wielder is to Ulfar, the hand axe’s sense of urgency increases.

The fearsome hand axe, Skullsplitter, was forged after the death of Davald, High Priest of the Skaga by the master smith Vorgash Shatterhand.

Vorgash used a piece of the blackened and splintered mast of “Aegir’s Wrath,” the capital warship of the dwarven fleet. During the mighty battle at sea after Ulfar’s escape, “Aegir’s Wrath,” was the first ship to be sunk by the angry god. The mast was struck by a massive bolt of lightning, summering the ship and dumping all aboard into the Soulless Sea. Eyewitness accounts speak of a gargantuan kraken that grabbed the struggling crew and pulled them beneath the churning waves to their deaths.

Lore speaks of this weapon’s twin, Bonesplinter, and its public gifting to Aegir. Bonesplinter is said to lie at the bottom of a deep trench in the Soulless Sea, guarded by a Chosen of Aegir himself.

The pair of hand axes were created with ritual and blood sacrifice as the dwarves sought to regain favor with Aegir.

During the mourning ceremony, Bonesplinter was thrown into the sea in an attempt to appease Aegir after his rage triggered storms that wiped out many of the dwarven ships. Dwarven Augurs were relieved to report that the appeasement offering was accepted and that the Sea God washed his favor upon the Skagga once more.

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