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Spear of the Fallen

Weapon (spear), very rare (requires attunement)

While wielding this magic weapon, as a reaction you can add your Charisma bonus (minimum of 1) to a saving throw to resist fear effects or against any effect that deals necrotic damage. This spear is considered a finesse weapon.

This spear holds 7 charges. It regains 1d4+1 expended charges daily at sunrise. As a bonus action, you can expend one charge against any dying creature within 60 feet you can see. You decide whether the target creature automatically fails or succeeds at a death saving throw. If the target creature dies, the spear regains a charge; likewise, if the target creature stabilizes, the spear also regains a charge.

Finally, if you throw this weapon as part of an attack action, you can summon it back to your hand as a bonus action with the expenditure of a charge.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Valkyrie Hybrid Class Copyright 2018 Total Party Kill Games, LLC Author: Aaron Hollingsworth

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