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Zombie Powder

Wondrous item, uncommon

When spread on a corpse that has been dead for no more than 24 hours, it becomes a docile zombie servant under your control. The zombie exists for a tenday. If the zombie comes into contact with fresh human blood at any point, it goes berserk in the same manner as a flesh golem.

Just as dangerous as the creatures that are born of the night are the less tangible horrors that threaten the safety and sanity of the innocent. These hazards can come in the form of disease, poisons, or even haunts called upon by the ethereal forces of darkness.

The following are some hazards that are especially prevalent in horror games. Some are expanded versions of current horrors, such as new poisons, and supernatural diseases. The haunt section provides a new system of supernatural hazards that can cause mayhem and distress to your players as they traverse haunted places and sites of atrocities.

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