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    One of the most twisted legacies the titans left behind are the gorgons. There are actually two varieties of gorgons in the Scarred Lands: the bestial low gorgon, and the humanoid high gorgon. Although they seem as different as humans are from lions, both varieties of gorgon are actually aberrations, and repulsively, they are also completely inter-fertile — the males of either species can fertilize females of either kind. In either case, they lay clutches of up half a dozen eggs, one in five of which typically hatches into a high gorgon, while the rest become low gorgons.

    There are high gorgons and low gorgons.

    High Gorgons

    A high gorgon looks like a hairless human with faintly elfin features, yet there is something indeterminably cold about its behavior. Within the smooth flesh of its abdomen lies a twisting mass of proboscises or tentacles shaped like fanged serpents. The gorgon can reveal these appendages via a bizarre muscled orifice, a barely discernible vertical slash like a tightlipped mouth. When revealed, these serpentine appendages lash out through the wet crimson gap, their fangs dripping with venom.

    High gorgons have their own unique tongue, derived from Titan Speech, which they keep secret from all others except their low gorgon brethren.

    High gorgons don’t have a proper culture of their own, really; they imitate human society as best they can. Within human society, high gorgons often pose as members of obscure human cults, which seek to convince adherents to grant a little more indulgence to their sect’s unusual customs. They have no real allies among the other races, but they have been known to hire or cooperate with various goblins, werewolves, and even Unredeemed asaatthi.

    High gorgons gather in small cabals to exchange information and magic, and they particularly prize any rumors that might lead to another piece of their god’s dissevered remains.

    Low Gorgons

    A low gorgon looks like a reptilian version of a lion, with a mass of writhing tentacles or snaky tendrils where a lion’s mane would be. Its dark-green scales are thick, almost metallic, and its long, flexible tail ends in a bony knob, much like a great mace.

    Low gorgons are rather more common than high gorgons, but they still tend to avoid civilization unless their kin imported them. A few people have managed to train low gorgons as watch-beasts by raising them from the egg, but the vicious, cunning creatures have to be monitored carefully at all times lest they turn on their masters at the first opportunity.

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