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Dragon, Clockwork


    Clockwork dragons are siege machines fashioned after their namesake. The one-headed variety stands roughly twelve feet tall, while the three-headed dragon exceeds twenty.

    Weapons of War. Only the most developed nations can afford to build clockwork dragons, but they are worth the cost. A single machine easily turns the tide of most battles and lasts decades. Their mace-tipped fists can breakdown any structure, while mechanical wings give them flight. The dragons’ bladed tails kill enemies in a single sweep and a special oil cannon in their chest makes any target vulnerable to the dragon’s fiery breath.

    Group Control. A clockwork dragon is created and controlled by a team of three engineers that wear special circlets. While just one of these engineers can control a dragon for a short period of time, any sustained period of solo control is so taxing it kills the engineer. If all the engineers remove their headbands while the dragon is active, the construct attempts to massacre every creature it can see.

    Construct Nature. A clockwork dragon doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.