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Dragon, Mist



    This great dragon has a ridge of swept-back horns encircling its head with two larger and longer horns just above its eyes dominating the others. A ridge of similar smaller horns runs the length of its back from its shoulders to its tail. Its body is long, snake-like, and semi-material. It possesses no visible wings. Its scaled body is grayish-white.

    Mist dragons are relatively passive (for dragons) and reclusive, preferring to spend their time away from most other races (including other mist dragons). Mist dragons make their lairs near large sources of water such as waterfalls, lakes, and seashores. A mist dragon resembles a gold dragon in shape and size. Its scales are shiny-blue white as a hatchling and gradually darken to a blue-gray color with metallic silver splotches.

    Mist dragons usually spend their days moving from place to place in mist form. If threatened or angered, a mist dragon assumes solid form and attacks using its breath weapon, claws, and bite.

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