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Dragon, Mithral



    Mithral dragons are wise and learned, and are legendary peacemakers and spellcasters. They pursue their own interests when not called to settle disputes.

    Glimmering Champions. Light glints off a mithral dragon’s glossy scales, shining silver-white, and its tiny wings fold flush against its body-but open like a fan to expose shimmering, diaphanous membranes. Its narrow head, with bare slits for its eyes and nostrils, ends in a slender neck. The dragon’s sleek look continues into its body and a mithral dragon’s impossibly thin frame makes it look extremely fragile.

    Rage in Youth. Younger mithral dragons raid and pillage as heavily as any chromatic dragon, driven largely by greed to acquire a worthy hoard-though they are less likely to kill for sport or out of cruelty. In adulthood and old age, however, they are less concerned with material wealth and more inclined to value friendship, knowledge, and a peaceful life spent in pursuit of interesting goals.

    Peacemakers. Adult and older mithral dragons are diplomats and arbitrators by temperament (some dragons cynically call them referees), enjoying bringing some peace to warring factions. Among all dragons, their strict neutrality and ability to ignore many attacks make them particularly well suited to these vital roles.

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