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Dragon, Mouse



    This tiny creature appears to be a monstrous mixture of mouse and dragon: the body and legs of a sparsely furred mouse, with reptilian wings and a long furless tail covered in scales.

    The mouse dragon, draco muridae vulgaris, is the most common of the small, coin-hoarding dragons. They tend to inhabit castles and cities heavy in stone buildings, taking coins and jewelry from the buildings they hide in. Their nests, where they will lay their eggs, are always built of the precious metals they acquire.

    Mouse dragons often go unseen. They hide within the walls, building elaborate nests in the stone or wood of the structure they’ve chosen. Their sharp teeth and claws are capable of burrowing through stone and wood, and they make short work of any material short of metal.

    The most common mouse dragon, the vulgar mouse dragon, is heinous and cares nothing for its environment, fleeing with as much of their hoard as they can carry should it come under attack. There are, however, several other types of mouse dragons. The copper mouse dragon, draco muridae aeris, is a much more agreeable sort, who will protect the structure it inhabits if able. The rarest mouse dragon, the platinum mouse dragon (draco muridae platina), is a natural illusionist and the only mouse dragon capable of true speech.

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