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Dragon, Wrath



    Beautiful and awesome to behold, this majestic dragon’s skin glitters like precious metals and jewels, belying its unquestionable might and holy wrath.

    These massive powerfully built specimens are formed from the ascension of slain good dragons into the heavenly orders. Given the opportunity to return, they serve as heralds of good-aligned deities sent to deliver divine judgment on infidels and sinners who have turned their back on the path of righteousness. A flight of wrath dragons over an offending city has often been cause to turn an entire civilization to prayer and piety.

    Wrath dragons never enter the Material Plane, inner planes, or other outer planes unless under orders from the deity they serve. When such orders are given, a wrath dragon completes its assignment to the best of its ability before returning to its home plane.

    A wrath dragon serves no one other than the deity that “created” it. It aids good-aligned creatures in time of need but does not serve them or stay with them any longer than is required to give aid (unless its deific orders say otherwise). A wrath dragon never aids an evil creature under any circumstances, and if forced to do so by magical means, the dragon seeks atonement as soon as possible.

    A wrath dragon is 30 feet long and weighs about 30,000 pounds. Its scales are silver or platinum and glitter under bright light. Its wings are silver-hued with a darker stripe running along the top portion. Its head, sitting atop its long serpentine neck, is long and angular and its eyes are seemingly made of sapphire. Two under-curved horns made of ivory jut from its head just behind its eyes.

    Wrath dragons start combat with the use of their breath weapon and divine spells. They continue this tactic until pressed with missile fire, or magic that would force them to close in for melee attacks. In close combat, a wrath dragon attacks using a combination of its bite, claws, and spells. If pressed, or if the battle turns against it, a wrath dragon summons devas to its aid.

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