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    The reptiles of the red-litten cavern of Yoth are primordial things of the past: intelligent, repulsive, and cruel prehistoric reptiles. Their skill in bio-magical processes is the stuff of legend and may be the origin of many frightening subterranean forms of life.

    The yothans are quadrupeds, large in size, and aggressive.

    They never act as simple monsters however, due to their intelligence, will typically use items and technological devices, and are known to wear armor and other defenses as they are useful. All yothans use their claws, fangs, and tail in combat, which combined with their bulk makes them dangerous indeed. They often lay ambushes, preferring to pounce on unwary prey.

    These creatures are nearly extinct, though the Ancients of K’n Yan have managed to preserve a few. When left to their own devices, they tend sort themselves into three distinct categories: warriors, designers, and commanders.