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    The night-touched are one of many varieties of creatures created by it is said — in this case, an experiment that combined the essence of demonic outsiders with the negative energies of the shadow realms. The results were monstrous beings that are almost alive, part fiend and part undead. Needless to say, Hrinruuk was very pleased with his creations, and he spread them throughout the realm.

    Physically, night-touched are very strange. In its natural state, their “skin” is extremely smooth, with an almost rubbery feel to it. It is always a deep midnight blue, aubergine, or obsidian color that seems to absorb any light that touches it. The night-touched have internal organs, but like those of undead creatures, they do not really function. They have thick, dark green blood that oozes slowly out of wounds, rather than spurting or pulsing like that of a living creature.

    Creatures of Darkness. Although night-touched are intelligent, their mindsareincomprehensibletomostmortals. Theyare generally solitary, paranoid creatures who believe that anything they cannot control must be destroyed. They have been known to join forces on occasion, or even to form extremely powerful bands with other types of creatures, ravaging nearby regions.

    Night-touched can be found anywhere, but they prefer to remain in darkness at all times.

    Hrinruuk created several breeds of nighttouched, each of which was granted different powers to make the chase more interesting.

    Only two types are shown here, but numerous others exist.