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Jotnar, Fire



    Whereas the other jotnar are more or less free to roam where they may and always have a home in Jotunheim, the fire jotnar are confined to Muspelheim. This fiery realm is not for the faint of heart; unlike Niflheim, which promises an icy doom, those venturing to the unwelcoming Muspelheim simply burst into flames. This forges a particularly brutal breed of jotun. It is perhaps for this reason that exits from Muspelheim is restricted; it is prophesied that the fire jotun leader, a muspeljotun of enormous size named Surtr, will eventually escape to slay the Aesir god Frey. Until then, Surtr is content to guard the only exit.

    An Old Grudge. There is much bad blood between fire jotnar and the Aesir, stemming from Odin’s theft of the secret of mead and bedding the wife of Surtr’s son, Suttung.

    They plot and plan their revenge in Muspelheim, looking forward to the day when Surtr will ride forth with the other fire jotnar on muspelhests to set fire to creation.