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Jotnar, Frost



    The frost jotnar are the most common types of giants outside of Midgard. They have acted as enemies and spouses of the gods throughout the ages. Although arguably all life hailed from Niflheim, frost jotnar are the ones most capable of surviving there.

    The frost jotnar trace their lineage to the first giant, Ymir, who in turn birthed the six-headed Thrudgelmir, who had a son named Bergelmir. When Ymir’s blood drowned the giants, only Thrudgelmir and his wife survived to carry on the frost jotun lineage.

    Hrimthursar. Of the most common residents, the shock troops and raiders that have defined the frost jotnar are the hrimthursar. When they find portals that open to Midgard they pour out in great numbers, attacking in barelyorganized wedge formations and plowing through all opposition. Hrimthursar are fond of keeping polar bears as pets. Hrimthursar lives about 100 years, although most fall in battle far sooner than that.

    Hrimrisar. More organized and courtly are the hrimrisar. These ice kings and queens rule the hrimthursar, often dictating their raids and building great ice palaces in Niflheim. Still others choose to wander the frozen lands of Midgard, selling their services to the highest bidder.

    Hrimrisar can live 250 years, whereupon they wander off into the heart of Niflheim.

    Hrimjotnar. The most reclusive are the hrimjotnar, towering elemental beings that can only be safely contained in Niflheim. When one ventures forth, it creates a destructive fury that signals long winters and endless nights. It is said that all hrimrisar eventually become hrimjotnar if they live long enough. Hrimjotnar have lifespans that can number into the thousands of years.