Jotnar, Storm



    The storm jotnar are an eclectic species of jotun who have dominion over the skies and seas. Unlike the frost jotnar, they cannot claim direct lineage to Ymir; unlike the fire jotnar, they are free to roam as they please and even have good relations with the Aesir. They can be found both in Jotunheim and Midgard, but some are powerful enough to challenge the gods wherever they may be encountered.

    Sturmthursar. The youngest giants, the stumthursar, are confined primarily to the ocean. They are capable of helping those who drown or dragging them overboard at their whim, and see the seas as their domain.

    Sturmrisi. The stumrisi broaden their influence on both water and air, having domain over the skies themselves. They are capable of transforming into eagles as the mood suits them.

    Sturmjotnar. The most powerful and terrifying of all the giants are the sturmjotnar, possibly the most powerful giants of all. They are master illusionists that are nearly incapable of being harmed directly if they do not will it.

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