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    Deep in the coastal jungles, the frog-like cueyatl subjugate other humanoids, forcing them into labor or delivering them to enigmatic gods.

    Deadly Poisons. Giant ants and venomous aquatic life in the cueyatl diet help them generate poisonous secretions from their skin and in their saliva. The cueyatl use this poison to coat their weapons both for hunting and war.

    Savage Pirates. Knifing through the water in their outrigger canoes, the cueyatl attack ships that blunder into their coastal waters with great ferocity. The cargo is often left aboard if the cueyatl have no immediate use for it; the ships’ crews are their main targets, sacrificed to appease their temperamental gods.

    Fiercely Obedient. Their priesthoods work together closely under the cueyatl priest-kings. These priest-kings speak with the authority of the gods, and the cueyatl never waver in their obedience, even to the point of self-sacrifice.