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Dark Folk


    Dark folk arose when a line of human wizards swore allegiance to shadow gods and passed this shadow power to their children.

    Easily mistaken for humans at a glance, the dark folk long ago diverged from their ancestors.

    Shadows among Light. Dark folk most often live near humanoid settlements. They worship the powers of darkness and shadow in secret, spreading their corruption in the dead of night and in darkened cellars. They often work nocturnal jobs as undertakers, night soil collectors, alchemists, or night watchmen, escaping the unrelenting glare of the sun.

    Darkened Blood. Sometimes a family line carries the tiniest seed of darkness, and a dark folk is born. These pale children face difficult lives, often singled out and shunned by peers for the dark nature they can’t ever fully hide. Though most dark folk look human, dark folk can descend from any humanoid (though they lose all traits associated with their heritage).