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Shadow Fey



    When players ask what their characters know about the shadow fey, you can ask them to make an Intelligence check for general knowledge. Provide information as described below, or use a helpful NPC to convey it when appropriate.

    • Intelligence (Arcana) or Intelligence (nature) DC 12—The hierarchy of the shadow fey is ever changing. Young shadow fey, especially, rise and fall quickly. Ruthless and determined, they rely on dueling and backstabbing to curry favor with the nobles of their court.
    • Intelligence (Arcana) or Intelligence (nature) DC 17— Not all shadow fey play along with duels and court politics. Many, instead, hone their talents toward more murderous ends as assassins. This makes them indispensable to the court while not always subject to its dramatic whims.
    • Intelligence (Arcana) or Intelligence (nature) DC 22—Shadow fey dislike either sunlight or complete darkness—they prefer twilight whenever possible, though their darkvision makes darkness easy for them to navigate.

    Shadow fey cutthroats are fey who do not follow the rules of honorable dueling or who have sold their services to the highest bidder instead of playing the games of court. As efficient and dishonorable killers, they rely on stealth to stalk targets, preferring to strike from the shadows and unleash their sneak attacks.

    Shadow fey rakes constantly press the fight. They use misty step to gain advantageous position, and to strike at more vulnerable but less accessible targets.

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