Slitherin (Ratfolk)



    The common slitherin here represents a common ratfolk warrior, guard, or cultist that could be encountered almost anywhere in the Scarred Lands, having no particular clan affiliation. To better emulate a slitherin from a particular clan, add one or two appropriate clan abilities or features (borrowed from the sample statistics for the various slitherin clans, below).

    Most ratfolk encountered away from their burrows or nests are warriors. Like their clothing, their armor and weapons are typically pitted and caked with filth.

    Slitherin Clans

    There are numerous clans or sub-species of ratfolk. Information and typical stats for representative members of the Diseased, the Dunewalkers, the Foamers, and the Red Witches appear on their own pages. Slitherin are often referred to as the “scourge of the under-realm.”

    Slitherin are known to bolster their forces by calling upon packs of giant rats and swarms of normal rats to join them in battle. When led by their priests, ratfolk are capable of organized warfare and can use their great numbers to deadly effect. Lone ratfolk usually attempt to flee from conflict, but they can be driven into a fury if cornered. They fight only when in a group, preferably with three-to-one odds or better and from ambush.

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